Understanding the Meaning of Quality

Understanding the Meaning of Quality

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How can one go about defining quality? Quality seems to be an ambiguous term in society today. Two differing viewpoints can be noted on this controversial subject. Quality can either be defined as the overall value that society as a whole sees upon an idea, or as a measure of the emotion and thought put into that idea. These definitions of quality can be questioned when speaking of music and the artists that develop it. Take for example the group known as the Beatles. Are they considered a quality group just because of the fame and success that they achieved? Or is it more because of their thought and evolution of their sound, throughout their career as a band? The Beatles reached a high level of quality not only through their success, but through their constant struggle to be trendsetters and leaders of a generation.

No one can question the fact that The Beatles deserve to be considered a quality band. They are the embodiment of the rock and roll era. Musical critics from around the world highly regard The Beatles and the work that they have done for the music industry. Rolling Stones, the magazine, named the group number one on their countdown of the one hundred greatest artists of all time (Costello). Furthermore, The Beatles have recorded six albums that have reached diamond level status, which means they have sold over ten million copies each (The Beatles). These examples truly illustrate the fact that The Beatles are an immensely popular group throughout the entire world. Surely one would consider this as being what quality truly is.

To some, the achievement of superstar status must mean that the idea of quality has been reached in their work. With the Beatles topping the record books on sales and airplay, it seems with no question that they were a quality rock group. However, is quality only measured by the amount of success and fame that one achieves, or the number of records that they sell? There is genuinely more to...

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