Understanding the Role of Personal Values in Success in Life

Understanding the Role of Personal Values in Success in Life

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Personal Values
Success in life is in large part due to how well we understand and live our values. In order to do this, we must clearly define our values, strive to adhere to them, and to the extent possible, align ourselves with companies or organizations that have a similar value structures. The purpose of this paper is to clarify my values by using the Williams Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory (2008), compare my values to Kudler Fine Foods, and determine the satisfaction level if I were hypothetically a manager at that the Kudler establishment.
The Ethics Awareness Inventory allows five possible outcomes: charter, obligation, results, equity, and blended. The outcome of my assessment was a blend equally shared by character and obligation. According to the analysis, I believe that “character is more important than an individual’s actions. . . [and] mere compliance with rules, no matter how well-intentioned, does not make anyone an ethical person without being accompanied by consistent voluntary striving to be a morally good person” (The Williams Institute, 2008, para. 1). I believe that doing the right things is not enough; you must do the right thing for the morally correct reasons. For example, I may be skilled at building relationships, but if my underlying motive is to manipulate, to control, or to take advantage of the person than even though my actions are ethical, my intent is not and my relationship building efforts are therefore unethical.

My Values and Kudler Food’s Values Compared
By analyzing my self-assessment I was able to further clarify by own values and motives and identify what I believe are important elements in dealing successfully with other people.

               I believe to be successful in dealing with others, there has to be a level of trust. Trust in that person’s basic human desire to do the right things. According to the self-assessment, I value “qualities as honesty, wisdom, and...

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