Understanding the Situation of Kudler Fine Foods

Understanding the Situation of Kudler Fine Foods

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Problem Statement of Kudler Fine Foods

Ana I. Barrera

Management/ 521

Create a Problem Statement
The purpose of this project is to analyze and understand the situation of Kudler Fine Foods which will lead to recognize its opportunities while to expose the organization’s goals and enlighten the management labor to accomplish them by evaluating and resolving these issues; and put together an end state of this organization.
Kudler Fine Foods
Kudler Fine Foods was established in 1998, without direct competition, as a specialty food store in San Diego, California; by Kathy Kudler. The first shop was opened in La Jolla in 1998; as sales persistently increased; Kathy thought about opening one more store and use the same model, subsequently the second store was open in Del Mar in 2000. Follow by the opening of the third store in 2003 in Encinitas.
Problem Statement
Kudler Fine Foods will modify the model to make it profitable and create a management team to operate effectively at optimum efficiency by allowing the team members to develop and enhance skills in their specialty area.
In view of the fact that Kathy determined to use the same model for all the 3 stores the following are some opportunities that the organization is facing:
Kathy started out without a Strategic Plan, which was developed in 2003; and did not do or use a SWOT analysis of her organization, as the main management person who has centralized the responsibilities and duties, clearly using an autocratic leadership without empowering her workers; As a consequence; she hardly has time to interact with the customers, there is no purchasing department in any of the stores, the forecasting method is obsolete, has not promote the catering business, which is potentially profitable. And there is a non-existent legal structure.
Increase customer trustworthiness and profitability as well as acquire new customers. Find a way to advertise in local...

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