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One significant word that seems to be missing from the majority of debate and

discussion topics regarding current economic issues theses days is the word

“employment”. Unemployment has become a major economic issue in India. With

many losing their jobs, and many not given the opportunity to obtain a job, India’s

unemployment rate had increases to 7.8 %( 2006 est.). With 1,129,866,154 (July 2007

est.) people living in India, 25% are below the poverty line. As apposed to Canada,

unemployment rates have decreased to 6.4% (2006 est.) with 15.9% in poverty. A

challenge that South Asia faces with employment is, the amount of people in the area

and those who are in the working age group. “South Asia is a hugely populated … 60

per cent of whom are in the working-age group” (Shehazd, 2004). It also becomes

very difficult for countries with those given less opportunity to gain knowledge, a lack

of education. Various numbers of jobs require a higher level of education to ensure

many requirements and concerns such as safety in a workplace, as well as beneficial

circumstances in saving resources. “one-third of South Asia is in poverty; and, about

half of the population — in four large countries — is illiterate.”(Shehazd, 2004). India

consists of a large population, it may come to mind that those whom may be

unemployed should resort to jobs in the agriculture field, but the main problem

towards this commitment is the lack of investment and low productivity dedicated to

agriculture since the Green Revolution. “agriculture is the predominant employer, …

investment and low productivity since the Green Revolution during the 1960s”

(Shehazd, 2004). In order to improve employment rates in India, necessary actions

need to be implemented which comprise of attracting foreign businesses, opening new

manufacturing plants, and eliminating cultural barriers.

One way to...

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