Unexpected Success

Unexpected Success

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Project Unexpected Success


I always was interested in different performances and theater plays. In childhood I liked playing games in which we imagined being someone, for example singer and journalist, designer and customer. I even had thoughts about being actress, but it was only child dream. After few years everything was forgotten and left in the past.

In our school for each holiday pupils organize performances. It’s like a school tradition which is stuck for many years. I think it’s wonderful because it pulls together (pupils from different classes can become friends). And I appear in such situation. At one day we were supposed to organize a group of students from different classes for a school play, so we get acquainted with each other and continue to communicate. It has become not 1 my performance. We started taking part in each of holidays and not only at school because now teachers know how excellent we are at acting and other things. There are not any discussions about who will take part in next play everyone knows that it would be we! At the end of a last year when we had mini graduation on which we received certificates ‘for active part in a school life’ .Of course it isn’t easy especially when you’re in high school and you have to prepare for the test or exam. But we try to find time and do our best.

There are a lot of funny moments which we‘ll always remember. For example when we are at a backstage we are laughing almost at everything that surrounded us. We try to cheer up each other because we are worried before our performance. Despite we are playing not the first time we still be frightened that something could go on a wrong way. But after performance or even after our last words we feel SO PLEASED and happy.

All in all school time is the best time in our life. So we have to use every opportunity to make these years catchy. Because in two years we’ll finish school ((And we’ll need to ‘say goodbye’ to each teacher...

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