Unfolding My Thoughts

Unfolding My Thoughts

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I sit in my secluded patch of bliss and thought. Feeling the zephyr lightly tip-toe over my face as I reflect over my issues that creep into my life. There is a partially decayed trunk sheltered by a dense tree-top covering. It’s my place, a sanctuary, lonely to foreign voices and sounds. I find comfort in the overwhelming silence that by now has consumed my mind. Lost to reality my consciousness floats in the hollows of the unsettled thoughts.

A little demon persists that I am wrong and torments my justifications. A regret plagues my thoughts for only a moment until I substantiate reasons for that action. Perceptions can be shifted as easy as a young child manipulates his intricate Lego constructions. For my action, is the kind that needs new cunning perception to become just.
Relentless guilt fills my body as I bury and forget the mischievous demon.

I wonder from my false victory on the first flight of stairs, deeper, up into more thought, past the irritation of current issues in my life. They seem to bring about much unwanted politics. I come to settle on the third flight of stairs. It seems to be the future in a very vague sense. A fuzzy dream like scene sets the frame of a glance through the time of the not too distant future. A bank of mixed emotions is shown in quick snippets and sincerely felt for the brief encounter.

Losses and gains in different spheres of my life still to come, give me confidence in my ability to correct where I may loose. Manipulate what intricate constructions have been placed in my future in order to better my future’s outcome. Memorizing but a minuscule portion of the glance into my future is a task in itself. I take a few moments to recollect what plans I have just crafted. To prepare and fight against a future- which is mostly unclear for anybody, needs to be organized. I validate my strategy against past experiences to find that it is the best way to move forward.

My sense of security now satisfied I make my way...

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