Unforgetable Event

Unforgetable Event

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Childhood is the best and unforgettable time of a person. It’s the time when we can feel happiness and love from people around us. However, as time goes by, we all grow up and there are a lot of changes inside of us. I personally experienced an unforgettable event that became a turning point of my child hood.
This happened in Vietnam when I was nine years old. I was a stubborn daughter and my parents had a hard time getting me do something for them. I never did it right after they told me. I always waited until the fifth time they reminded me. One day, I begged my mother to let me go to the supermarket with her. First, my mom would not let me go with her because she knew how good a troublemaker I was. I started to use my little persuasive tragedy, which always worked. I tried to make a cute and innocent face to beg my mom: “Mommy, please let me go! I will be good. I promise to follow you everywhere you go and I will not cause any trouble. Please mommy!” Finally, she let me go.

She held my hand while we were shopping. On the way going up to the next floor, suddenly I saw a pretty moving doll in the store downstairs. Immediately, without a word, I let go of my mom’s hand and ran

. . .
My mom started to describe what happened after I fell down the stairs. Mommy! Am I gonna dies?” I thought she would scold me for not listening to her, but she didn’t. I did everything they asked me to do; I did not need to wait for another reminder. The only thing that I could do to make them feel happy was to try to be a good girl.

With all the love they had for me, I could not find anything that can pay back their love. When I was still in the hospital, I knew that my parent have a lot of thing to do at home but they spend most of their time taking turns to take care of me. I would try my best to bring a smile to her face and to please her. They patted my head and said, “Well ! Well, you done such a job! We’re really impressed. They told me bedtime stories to put me...

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