Unit 1 mock exam

Unit 1 mock exam

Psychology exam

Key approaches and biopsychology
1a. Conditions of worth is giving positive regards to individuals in order to make them feel happy and like they are doing the right things for example a parent may enthusiastically praise there child when they complete their homework which will then make the child’s self-esteem boost resulting on them feeling happier.
Before the individuals enter the PET scan they will be injected with a blue radioactive liquid this will be able to highlight areas on the scan. Therefor when the individual is in the scan and are pumping blood to the parts of the brain which they need to us. That section of the brain will highlight because of the dye.

1c. A PET scan is more effective to detect location in the brain due to it giving a more precise location unlike EEG which just shows where the electrical activity is. EEG’s don’t tend to give an exact location, they provide a vague area.

The unconscious mind is the thoughts that you have but your unaware of them and therefor may not be able to discover how you are truly thinking. If an individual suffered a serious trauma when they were a child because they watched someone get hit by a bus, they could have developed a fear of catching bus but don’t understand why, this is because it be denied and pushed into the unconscious. This can occur in many situations and influence all types of human behaviour. As well as this we have a structure of personality which is our ID, ego and super ego which help to control you behaviour. ID works on the pleasure principle which is when you do things for you because you enjoy them and not worry about the effects on others. Ego is the reality principle which decides between both ID and super ego what should be done and the super ego is the morality principles which believe that we must not do things in case they upset someone else.

The behaviourist approach believes that we are born a blank slate and experiences that...

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