unit 11 p5

unit 11 p5

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Terms of Reference
This sets out the original purpose of the study, as agreed by management and details the business objectives to be achieved, for example.
• Improvement of response times to customer queries concerning items in stock
(at the moment the person that answers the phone has to go to the stock cupboard to find out what is in stock)
• Accurate maintenance of stock levels
(at the moment this might be done when a customer asks for something and it is not available)
• Production of regular reports of sales figures
System Scope
This sets the constraints on the project, for example
• Total budget for project must not exceed £10,000
• Needs to run on current network
• Must be implemented within three months

Current System Description
A brief description of the current system including its strengths and weaknesses and running costs.

User Requirements
This is what the actual users of the system would require and this will be different from the needs of the managers who may have authorised the study. These needs would be identified through your initial investigations. For example the new system should be able to

• Produce daily stock level reports
• Assign job number to job request
• Date all transactions
• Allow searches of the stock database
• Daily backups of data
• Improved consistency of data

Proposed Solution/s
Description of a low ,medium and high cost solution with consideration of the Economic feasibility in terms of a cost benefits analysis. The costs will include estimates of both capital costs i.e. hardware, software and training - and running costs i.e. maintenance, insurance etc. The benefits being for example higher profits less errors increased service to clients etc.

The technical feasibility also needs to be considered.This is where a proposal is investigated to see whether the technology exists or is realistic for this proposal.

The social or operational feasibility is investigated to see whether...

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