Unit 13 Btec business P4 and M2

Unit 13 Btec business P4 and M2

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P4 Plan to take part in a selection interview
In this assignment I am going to plan to take part in a selection interview, for this task I will prepare some questions for the job role being advertised I came up with 1 questions for the interviewee.

Before the interview
• You must first prepare a job description/ specification for the open position.
• Create a job advert
• Market the job opening (newspapers etc.)
• Receive and vet application documents.
• Invite the applicants for the interview.
• Arrange the documents in a desired order.
• Prepare structured interview questions
• Prepare a room for the interview.
• Agree on a scale to quantify the validity of each answer.
• Agree on procedures to be followed
• You must first carefully read the letter/ email related to the job and prepared the necessary documents.
• Read the job description
• Confirm your attendance.
• Research about the company.
• Locate the businesses location and plan how long it would take to get there to avoid being late.
• Pick out what you will wear ensuring it is clean and well ironed.
• Think of questions you may be asked.
• Practise some replies.
• Plan a way to demonstrate your skills (e.g public speaking)
• Plan at least two questions to ask the panel.

During the interview
• Welcome the interviewee to the room
• Greetings and introduction of the panel.
• ‘HR manager asks questions to do with the C.V
• The rest of the panel asks structured questions.
• Maintain eye contact.
• The secretary should take notes.
• Be sure not to make the interviewer nervous as it could disqualify them.
• Give points to each question

• Firm hand shakes
• Smile and be positive
• Maintain eye contact
• Look interested
• Sit up and lean forward this portrays enthusiasm.

After the interview
• After the interview the employer must go through the notes taken by the secretary
• Go through the points awarded by...

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