Unit 2 mod 2

Unit 2 mod 2


Indicate what part of the sentence in each QUESTION should be stressed in order to elicit each of the answers as in the example.

0. Does she live near London?

a) No, she does not. (Does)
b) No, she lives near Bristol. (London)
c) No, she’s only visiting. (Live)
d) No, her brother lives near London. (She)

1. Did you say you were leaving tonight, for Wales?

a) No, I said Wells, in Somerset. (Wales)

b) No, I'm off tomorrow. (tonight)

c) I most certainly did not. (Did)

d) No, my twin brother said that. (you)

2. Is he going to take that job as a salesman abroad?

a) No, he's staying in this country. (abroad)

b) No, he's changed his mind. (Is)

c) No, he's been offered a job as a divisional manager overseas. (salesman)

3. Are you seeing Colin this afternoon on the promenade?

a) No, I'm seeing Roger. (Colin)

b) No, it'll have to be this evening as I'm busy. (afternoon)

c) Yes, most definitely. (Are)

d) No, I'm seeing him in the arcade. (promenade)

4. Is your son flying to Paris?

a) No, he's off to Brussels. (Paris)

b) No, it's my daughter who's going. (son)

c) No, you know he's scared of flying. (flying)

d) Yes, he's going tomorrow night.(Is)


Find a word of your own to assign to each symbol on the chart provided. For this, fill in the box above each symbol as in the example.

leaf sit Cook ooze ear say
iː ɪ ʊ uː ɪə eɪ
Bed workman curl floor tour boy Mouth
e ə ɜː ɔː ʊə ɔɪ aʊ
Rap mud bar clock fair hive oat
æ ʌ ɑː ɒ eə aɪ əʊ
Peach Boy tree chair joy Key girl
p b t d tʃ dʒ k g
Finger Vase path they say zipper ship measure
f v θ ð s z ʃ ʒ
Mother nanny ring hat light ride wine yellow
m n ŋ h l r w j


Now look at the consonant section of the phonemic script chart. Which phonemic symbol represents the letters underlined in each of the following words? Please write them in the boxes above the symbols as in the example....

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