Unit 28 M2 Website Production

Unit 28 M2 Website Production

Explain the tools and
techniques used in the creation of an interactive website

When creating my website there were many techniques I used to create my website and make it interactive.

I have linked all of my pages together by using hyperlinks, also I have made sure that all of text that I have written is easy to read and easy
to get to as well as the visible links to navigate each of the hyperlinks within my website. Within weebly there and many tools that i have used ot create this website, firstly the text box for me to write in my text is the most common tool. The images are also added by image text box. This allows me to browse my documents and pick the picture needed within my website. These two are the most comon tools that i have used in all pages of my website. Weebly is one website out of all the ther that help to create yout own website. I have used this becuase it very simple to use and to add any text,images or videos tou your web pages.

CSS stands for cascading style sheet which allows you to carry designs from one web page in your website to another without any hassle all by just linking your CSS on each web page. Storing all of your design criteria in one file allows you to change the design of your entire website by only changing your CSS and not having to update every single web page you have created which could cause a lot of problems.

Javascript extends HTML by giving authors programming tools to create interactive websites. Javascript is a scripting language which means it that it is a simple programming language.

Meta Tags
Meta Tags are documents with description of the resource. They pot certain
keywords that describes the document to help search engines and social network
search for information.

Navigation Diagrams
Navigation diagrams for websites shows how websites with linked web pages are accessed and structured. Websites usually only uses three different navigation...

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