Unit 4 P1

Unit 4 P1

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Effective People, Communication and Information.

In this unit I’ll be talking about Recruitment and Retention. I will be using the London Borough of Redbridge Job details, job description and Personal specification for The Administrative Support Assistant. My tasks will include describing and explaining what a job description, a personal specification and a contract of employment.
A job description is information that has been given by the company or the employer to the one who wants to be recruited. A job description tells you exactly what responsibilities you will be taking and what kind of tasks you will be fulfilling. By not giving a job description, all sorts of applicants will be applying which will mean you won’t be able to find the best one suitable for the job as quickly as possible. A job description is required as it describes the job role that you will be expected to perform and carry out.
A job description usually has four parts to it. This would be the job title, who will be managing you and be responsible for you, who you will be managing or responsible for and the job role. The job title will show you the type of job you will be applying for, the title of the job, the salary and could include a reference number which may be used later on during the recruitment process.
The most important part of the job description is about the duties and responsibilities you will have upon you, this part of the job description sets out the tasks and duties that you will be expected to carry out and be responsible for. This part also helps the candidate to see what skills and experience they may need for the job before they apply for this position.

A personal specification is part of the job details to find out more about the applicant and whether or not if they are suitable for the job role. A personal specification will again show you the job title, but along with this is some more information, a criteria is given, and if you meet this criteria you may...

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