Unit 6 - P1

Unit 6 - P1

Action plan to achieve these
February 2015 Review
Learn how to drive
1) Apply for provisional licence
2) Learn the theory and pass the test
3) Find a driving instructor
4) Drive
5) Pass the test

I have applied and received my provisional licence and have started to practice the theory.
I now need to look for driving instructors and take my theory test.
This goal should be finished by June 2015.
Decide whether to go to university or go back to college at the end of this course
1) Search for courses at colleges
2) Search for courses at university
3) See which suits my options best
4) Apply to the chosen establishment
5) Wait for an interview / offer

I have decided to go back to college, but as this is a long term goal because I don’t finish this course till next year I am not looking at establishments just yet.
This goal will be completed by June/ July 2016

Find a job

1) Make a CV
2) Find appropriate job vacancies
3) Phone up / hand in CV
4) Arrange an interview
5) Wait and see
For this goal I have made a CV and have started to look at places that are hiring.
I now need to start to hand my CV out and wait for call backs.
This goal should be completed by April.

Achieve a high grade in subjects I am currently taking
1) Make notes
2) Make sure I have an understanding of the work
3) Ask teacher if there’s something I don’t understand
4) Put knowledge into assignments
5) Hand in assignment
At the moment I have achieved the highest grade in all my assignment work and have handed them all in on time. This is because I have been on task and have understood what I need to put into my assignments as well as the level of detail I need to go into. This will continue to be a goal until I finish the subject.
To get any type of voluntary work
1) Look at establishments that offer volunteering places
2) Find one that is appropriate
3) Hand in CV
4) Arrange an...

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