unit 7

unit 7

P3 – Explain patterns and trends in health and illness among different social groupings.

Graph 1
Ill-health, Gender and social class:

This graph shows us that male cardiovascular disease is worse in the bottom three compare to female but the graph also shows that the two higher income males cardiovascular disease is better in relation to female heath. We can say that the male cardiovascular disease problems is Highers in bottom class as it means that the male are most likely working at higher risk jobs that pays less for example construction worker whose wages are average has high risk at work due to reasons like Hazardous substances – dusts, chemicals and potentially harmful mixtures (e.g. in paints) are common in construction work. Some processes emit dusts, fumes, vapours or gases into the air and these can be significant causes of breathing problems and lung diseases and also heart diseases. We can also say that 2nd and 3rd are mostly likely working at office which could cause a lots of stress , living a stressful life can cause people to adopt poor habits like smoking and eating badly, which in turn are risk factors for cardiovascular disease. It is their difficult circumstances that lead them to make poorer lifestyle choices, and the choicest they make help them cope with the difficult circumstances. People from higher social classes tend to have a lot more money and power, which means that you can afford the best food, medicines and care. The environment is also likely to be better e.g. more spacious and better maintained housing in areas with more amenities and less crime. This even includes the psychological effect of a better overall sense of well-bring.

Female health is affected by social class. We can see this by looking at the bottom on income axis which shows that females are also affected by cardiovascular diseases...

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