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Advertising is a message designed to make people aware of - and to encourage them to buy - products or services. Many kinds of advertising media enable advertisers to reach people almost everywhere. While relaxing at home, shopping at a supermarket, travelling to and from work, or enjoying leisure activities, people come into contact with a large number of advertisements.

Kellogg's® advertising provides consumers with information on products, introduces new products and communicates improvements in existing products.

Kellogg purchases time and space in various media - television, newspaper, internet, radio and magazines - to promote its products, brands and services to large audiences.

Advertising plays a major role in Kellogg’s® ability to market its products economically. Widespread consumer awareness created by advertising helps maintain high sales volumes, constant rates of product demand and rapid product turnover in the supermarket.

A constant rate of demand helps lower operating costs by eliminating peaks and valleys in production, while high sales volumes help reduce the cost of distributing products to outlets across the country. Advertising helps maintain these constant rates of production and distribution by keeping the products in the minds of consumers.

When products have a rapid turnover in supermarkets, everyone wins. Consumers have the freshest products and the store owners can set lower retail prices and still make a fair profit. Retailers are apt to carry more complete lines and reorder out-of-stock items when they sell quickly.

Developing and marketing new products requires large financial investments. When advertising is used to inform large numbers of consumers of the new product’s availability, sales can be established and investments recovered more quickly.

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