United Technologies Business

United Technologies Business

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Maher Hedhili

* Types of business done by United Technology Corp:
* Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems= Carrier $11.4 billions
* Turbines= Pratt and Whitney $12.9 Billions
* Designs of aerospace systems= Hamilton Sundstrand $5.6
* Helicopter design and manufacture= Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. $6.7 Billions
* Elevators= Otis $11.6 Billions
* Fire detection and suppression systems= UTC Fire & Security $6.5 Billions
* Characteristics of its customer base.
* Pratt & Whitney and Sikorsky bring a total of $29.6 Billions
* Pratt & Whitney and Sikorsky operate exclusively in the aviation field and deal in a great deal with the military

* Characteristics of its suppliers of resources such as raw materials or funds.
* The company has several supplier
* Some of the suppliers are actually in the same field as some of UTC branches. Exg. General Electric provide Sikorsky with Engines while Pratt & Whitney manufactures jet engines
* Existence of any international trade or transaction
UTC has a great deal of international trade. Pratt & Whitney sells engines to companies both in the USA and in Europe. Sikorsky sells helicopters to the US government and to other countries.
* Geographic location prone to natural disaster
UTC along with some of its subsidiaries, like Sikorsky, is located in the state of Connecticut. Although the location is not prone to disasters hurricane Irene clamed a lot of destruction in most of the state
UTC relies on Sikorsky and Pratt to bring $29.6 Billion of its total $Billion.
Both companies deal in the aviation field and deal with the military. The aviation field could be affected by crashes which could lead to increase or decrease of demand. Both companies are subject to what happens in the world (wars and international conflicts). The production of Sikorsky...

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