The activities of the DOA are implemented by 6 technical divisions and 3 support divisions.

1. Crop research and development institute.

2. Horticulture crop research and development institute. (Gannoruwa)

3. Rice research and development institute. (Batalagoda)

4. Seed verification and plant protection institute. (Peradeniya)

5. Seed and planting material development Centre. (Peradeniya)

6. Socio Economic and planning Centre. (Peradeniya)

7. Progress monitoring and evaluation unit. (Peradeniya)

8. Extension and training Centre. (Peradeniya)

9. National research management Centre. (Peradeniya)

Vision of the department of agriculture is to achieve excellence in agriculture for national prosperity. In carrying out their vision the DOA departments many programs has increased production in the nation.

The goal of DOA is to develop new technology throughout research and disseminate them to farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs for the purpose of enhancing agricultural production.


Administrator Division Peradeniya

The DOA has an approved cache of 6407 belonging to different services. The role of Administration Division is to maintain smooth functioning of the entire establishment of the DOA by executing tasks relevant to general administration. In its routine work the division has to deal with numerous institutions namely the ministries, provincial council, public service commission, the judiciary, human rights commission, attorney general, parliamentary advisory committee and various other state agencies.

Engineering Division Peradeniya

The main functions of the Engineering Division include civil engineering work pertaining to maintenance and contribution of buildings, procurement of equipment, vehicles, machinery and disposal of unserviceable vehicles, machinery and equipment, maintaining of records of DOA vehicles, acquiring and arranging of vehicles are other...

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