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Distinguish strategic control from operating control. Give an example of each. Explain the differences among implementation controls, strategic surveillance, and special alert controls. Give an example of each?

Strategic control involves measuring performance and conducting analysis to determine needed change to improve performance. An organizations ability to communicate throughout its departments and teams has a strong bearing on the effectiveness of strategic control. Strategic control feedback is part of the planning process; subjective at the corporate level and more quantifiable at the business level.

In Encyclopedia of Health Care Management operational control is similar to strategic control in that it involves the need for communication and feedback except it relates more to operational tactics and finance on a business-level (Strategic control, 2004).

Since strategic considerations are outwards of 5 or more years, technology advances have a significant affect on strategic control processes. One example is information systems and how they have made access to both internal and external data more accessible as part of the assessment and feedback part of strategic and operational planning. The Reader's Companion to Military History contains an interesting article that might interest Daniel Brown that ties the strategic concept and technology to military strategy. (Strategic bombing, 1996). http://www.credoreference.com/entry/5800866/.

Implementation controls are used as an assessment and feedback process that evaluates needed change to project processes or possibly the strategy that is driving the project.

Strategic surveillance is another way of saying vigilance. Examples are vigilance of opportunities, threats, obsolescence, and competitive forces.

Special alert controls serve as special audit trigger events and unexpected event responses that may cause a need to change organizational strategy.

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