I shall now enrich your life by sharing with you about texting. The constantly changing fashionable take on texting demonstrates the depth of the subject. While much has been written on its influence on contemporary living, it is impossible to overestimate its impact on modern thought. Since it was first compared to antidisestablishmentarianism much has been said concerning texting by the easily lead, many of whom blame the influence of television. Here begins my indepth analysis of the glourious subject of texting.

Social Factors

As Reflected in classical mythology society is complicated. When blues legend 'Bare Foot D' remarked 'awooooh eeee only my dawg understands me' [1] he must have been referning to texting. More a melody to societies dysfunctions than a parody of the self, texting cleary plays a significant role amongst the developing middle classes.

When one is faced with people of today a central theme emerges - texting is either adored or despised, it leaves no one undecided. Clearly it promotes higher individualism and obeyence of instinct. As soon as a child meets texting they are changed.

Economic Factors

We no longer live in a world which barters 'I'll give you three cows for that hat, it’s lovely.' Our existance is a generation which cries 'Hat - $20.' We will begin by looking at the JTB-Guide-Dog model, a complex but ultimately rewarding system.


What a splendid graph. In spite of the best efforts of The World Bank oil prices cannot sustain this instability for long. Strong fluctuations in investor confidence have been seen over the past two financial years.

Political Factors

Politics has in some areas been seen to embrace an increasing ananiathesis of intergovernmentalism leading to neo-functionalism. Comparing texting and much of what has been written of it can be like comparing texting and political feeling.

Take a moment to consider the words of the star of stage and screen Noah B....

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