CMC 210 Complete Class
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CMC 210 Week 1 Checkpoint Cultural Periods
CMC 210 Week 1 DQ1
CMC 210 Week 1 DQ2
CMC 210 Week 2 Assignment Information Control
CMC 210 Week 2 Checkpoint The Effect of Mass Production of Books
CMC 210 Week 3 Checkpoint Patterns of Specialization, Advertising, and Ownership
CMC 210 Week 3 DQ1
CMC 210 Week 3 DQ2
CMC 210 Week 4 Assignment Government Fostered Ownership
CMC 210 Week 5 Checkpoint Cable and Broadcast Television
CMC 210 Week 5 DQ 1
CMC 210 Week 5 DQ2
CMC 210 Week 6 Checkpoint Effects of Internet Convergence
CMC 210 Week 6 Exercise Media Adaptation and Convergence
CMC 210 Week 7 Checkpoint Advertising Manipulation
CMC 210 Week 7 DQ 1
CMC 210 Week 7 DQ 2
CMC 210 Week 8 Checkpoint Advertising or Public Relations
CMC 210 Week 9 Capstone
CMC 210 Week 9 Final Project Overview of Your Media Specialty

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CMC 210 Week 1 CheckPoint Cultural Periods

CheckPoint: Cultural Periods
· Resource: Ch. 1 of Media & Culture
CMC 210 History and Overview of Mass Media: Sight, Sound, & Mind
Course Syllabus Page 12
· Describe the characteristics of the premodern, modern, and postmodern cultural periods in 250 to 300 words.
· Portray the values and symbols of the next major cultural period as you envision they might occur. Give the new period a name.
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CMC 210 Week 1 DQ 1
Discuss how much you think U.S. culture influences American media or vice versa, and explain why with specific examples. Remember that culture includes many aspects of life, including food, fashion, sports, entertainment, education, politics, science, religion, and technology.
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