UOP OPS 571 WEEK 3 QUIZ Answers

UOP OPS 571 WEEK 3 QUIZ Answers



1. When considering outsourcing, what should firms tend to avert?
• Allowing outsourcing to develop into a substitute for innovation
• Losing control of noncore activities
• Giving the outsourcing partner opportunities to become a strong competitor
• Allowing employees transferred to the outsourcing partner to rejoin the firm

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2. What is the important starting point in developing a capacity plan?
• Predicting the ability of suppliers to meet needs
• Determining the effective capacity of a resource over some period of time.
• Predicting the needs of customers
• Understanding key components of the supply chain

3. Which of the following is an input to the master production schedule (MPS)?
• Bill of materials
• The aggregate plan
• Exception report
• Inventory records file

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4. Which of the following is an input file necessary to run an MRP program?
• Planned order schedules
• Bill of materials (BOM) file
• Exception reports
• Quality management report

5. Which of the following forecasting methods is very dependent on selection of the right individuals who will judgmentally be used to actually generate the forecast?
• Simple moving average
• Time series analysis
• Delphi method
• Weighted moving average

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6. The main purpose of aggregate operations planning is to specify the optimal combination of which of the following?
• Inventory on hand and financing costs for that inventory
• Workforce levels and inventory on hand
• The workforce level and the degree of automation
• The strategic plan and the products available for sale

7. Which of the following is an essential resource that flows through a hospital supply chain?
• Patients
• Medicine
• Doctors and Nurses
• Information

8. In business forecasting, what is...

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