Uop Prg/211

Uop Prg/211

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Arundel County has a pee wee basketball league within the Severn, Fort Meade, and Odenton, Maryland. Youth league programs basketball are supported by largely a military community. The pee wee leagues are for children between the ages of four and seven. The league teaches teamwork, motor skills development and keeps them busy during their parent’s deployment. Each 10 team consists of 12 children from the Severn, Fort Meade, and Odenton area. The pee wee league has a very active volunteer committee consisting of civilians, military, and veterans.

This was my1st year coaching a pee wee little league basketball team and through my dismay the parents did not want to abide by the agreed on budget for each team in the league prior to the start of the season. My biggest challenge was with my team the “Avengers” some of the parents wanted to purchase expensive uniforms and name brand sneakers for the entire team. The cost of the entire uniforms and accessories would have been paid for through various fundraising events. I did not think this would be cost-effective because the parents would have been spending unnecessary revenue just to support the numerous amounts of fundraising events. The fact is for the past two years the parents have spent twice as much more than their allocated budget was for the team. The season started during the 1st government furlough period from July 2013 through September 2013. Military morale welfare and recreation supplied the referees and other miscellaneous items used for pee wee basketball games.
By creating a modular program the commissioner will be able to compare the league budget expensive each year. The database will track and compare the increase and decrease from year to year of the children participation. Also this will allow the commissioner to have a detailed oversight into each team spending habits...

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