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UOP readimg material

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Critical Analysis Worksheet

Read “Common Core” and “The Lost Opportunity of the Common Core Standards.”

Perform a critical analysis of each reading using critical thinking techniques from this week’s readings.

Respond to the following based on your critical thinking analysis of the “Common Core” and “The Lost Opportunity of the Common Core State Standards” readings.

1) Define the term conclusion.
Conclusion is when there is a judgement or a decision that is reached by reasoning that tries to be establish by a true statement.

2) What is the conclusion of each article?
The conclusion for The Common Core is that it is not going to work for all schools and takes away their rights as to what the children will learn, and how they will learn. There is sypposed to be federal grant funding to pay for the program but the state of Alabama is not received any money. The conclusion for The Battle Against Common Core Standards that there is a problem with trying to keep under each state and not put so much power into the hands of politians and lawmakers. Not all students are the are the same and common core could keep them from reaching their individual goals.

3) Define the term premises.
Premises is a claim that is offered as proof that supports an argument's conclusion; the argument’s reasoning for the truth for the conclusion, many arguments have several premises.

4) What premises support the conclusions in each article?

5) How convincing is the conclusion of each article? Explain your answer.

6) Define the term biases.

7) What biases did you observe in each article? Why do you think they are biases?

8) What might be the sources of the biases in each article?


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