Uop Week 5 Team

Uop Week 5 Team

Running Header: Riordan Manufacturing Inventory Processes

Riordan Manufacturing Inventory Processes
William Babb, Matthew Ferguson, Tasha Kyles, Rebecca Roese and Sana Sohail
January 5, 2008
University of Phoenix

Executive Summary

Currently Riordan Manufacturing is using outdated technology to run their multi million dollar business. This matter causes emanate problems between their factories and the departments running them. Riordan Manufacturing sells quality products to loyal customers but their lack of technology and solidity is affecting their growth. This executive summary will showcase the problems Riordan Manufacturing encompasses and the solutions for them to obtain a leading edge in their industry.

According to Swartz (2007) “Bad, incomplete or inaccurate information has been the downfall of projects, departments, and even entire organizations” (p.28). This should be imperative to Riordan Manufacturing that they develop a system for managing the data in their inventory process. This requires a change in the approach to database management. Currently, Riordan uses what Stair and Reynolds (2007) call a “traditional approach to data management” (p.99). Each department within the company has its own database and data is not shared between databases. It requires more manual work to retrieve data from one database so that it may be used in another database. Another problem with a traditional approach is that there is often data redundancy. The same data may exist in more than one database; this is extremely inefficient and could cause inaccuracy. There is a viable solution to these problems that exist at Riordan Manufacturing. This requires what Stair and Reynolds call a “database approach” to database management (p.100). A detailed explanation of this solution will be included in this report.
Due to the lack of update technology at Riordan Manufacturing, their employees are not able to work efficiently when handling and...

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