Urban Growth and Development

Urban Growth and Development

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Urban Growth and Development
Urban Planning (PBAD 2347)
March 5, 2009

Urban Growth and Development



Urban Sprawl
Causes and Characteristics
Less expensive land
Low crime rates
Better Schools
Single use zoning
Low density land use
Large scale development

Effects of Urban Sprawl
Loss of Farm Land
Wild Life Endangerment
Longer Commutes
Greater Dependency on Vehicles
Lack of Infastructure
Public Health

Urban Needs
Urban Slums and Blight

Urban Renwal and Community Development
Title 24 Code of Federal Regulation
B. Community Devlopment Block Grant
C. City of San Antonio Charter
D. Development Corporations

New Urbanism
1. Characteristcs
A. High Density
B. Mix Land Use and Zones
C. Mass Transit

2. Effects
A. Diversity
B. Pedestrian Friendly
C. Transportation Options
D. Trains
E. Dependency on Foreign Oil

3. What other Countries are doing about mass Transit Systems
A. China
B France

VI. Conclusion

The purpose of urban planning is to guide the development of a city or town so that it furthers the welfare of its current and future residents by creating convenient, equitable, healthful, efficient and attractive environments. America faces a series of dilemmas that must be addressed in order to fulfill the purposes of urban planning for future generations. The rapid growth in suburban areas has resulted in a dangerous increase of urban sprawl throughout the county. Urban Sprawl has had a negative impact on our environment, health, and infrastructure. Our nation is less efficient, and more dependent on foreign oil. We can control the growth of sprawl by attracting citizens and business to the inner city....

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