Urban Outfitters Continuing Analysis

Urban Outfitters Continuing Analysis

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Running head: Urban Outfitters Continuing Case Study

Urban Outfitters Continuing Case Study
Tony Howell Jr.
Professor Tabitha Murfree
October 29, 2010

This case study conducting on Urban Outfitters revealed an insight into a growing business which is the niche market. This paper is written answers several questions regarding the business aspect of niche marketing, what are “niche” products, the advantages available in this market, and necessity of pricing in this market. The paper will explain some reasons why customers prefer to buy exclusively. Finally how the niche market chips away at larger market bases.
Urban Outfitters Continuing Case Study
The Urban Outfitters is part of niche market that has prospered in a small business market.
Since Urban Outfitters was established in 1970, there were certain decision and challenges that Richard Hayne, his wife Judy and college friend Scott Belair had to face in opening a small business. The first challenge they faced was the idea of what to market to their customer. The idea of the product being marketed can take hold by consumers and succeed or the process of the idea can fall short and cause the business to fail. Second challenge is the type of business to get involved in. As in this case study it is the niche market, which is a subset of a much larger market which is not served by larger or mainstream providers. Customer numbers are small, shops spread out, and difficult to reproduce something customers are looking for. The third challenge which could be faced is going into business with family or friends. Entering business with both factors can be costly if there is strife between family members or friends pull out of business project. Either one could hinder the progress or vision of the business.
A niche product is a product that is made and marketed for the use in a small...

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