Bonnerieuy Perez

Urban Studies

Professor Lipkin

February 26, 2016

Urban Government

When it came to the founding fathers one thing was for sure. They didn’t want a weak national government. Their main goals were to provide citizens the right to liberty and freedom. However, their views on how American government were much different than those who wanted to create a weak one.
What the founding fathers wanted was for citizens to have a limited central government that could protect them out of ways harm with minimal government intrusion in addition they wanted to create a strong government that would remain intact forever.
Some of their policies included a land of freedom for all, for people to have lots of opportunities and for them to have their own rights that would protect them as an individual. In 1787 after much thought the founding fathers worked hard to create what is known to us as The U.S Constitution, the oldest written constitution that is still used today.
The point of this constitution was to make the federal government much stronger. However, there was some controversy regarding the constitution. It seems that the framers believed that perhaps the constitution would take power away from the states and the anti-federalists believed that the constitution would make the national government too powerful.
Nevertheless, the U.S constitution was passed with the creation of the bill of rights. 10 amendments were then added to the constitution "which would guarantee citizens certain privileges that the government could never take away from them." (The U.S constitution: an overview)

Of course things are completely different today. In conclusion, if the founding fathers were to see how the government is today the would be quite discouraged especially after creating something they worked so hard for.
In early America urban machinery was known for "manufacturing" large numbers of votes on behalf of candidates for...

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