US Army rhetorical analysis

US Army rhetorical analysis

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The U. S. Army Reserves

DeVry University


The US Army Reserves is a chance for many US citizens to continue their education and at the same time help their country. Many people are not aware of just how this program works. I watch the commercial that advertises for the US Army Reserves and I see a future. In the commercial it shows a woman who is dressed in a business suit walking down a set of corporate building steps changing into a woman in a soldier uniform. They show a doctor going from a white coat in the emergency room to a soldier dressed in a uniform in a field hospital. They also show a college student walking through a library in his everyday clothes changing into a soldier stepping into a Army helicopter. During the commercial they have a man talking in the background explaining the changes. They play music that states “be strong, army strong”. They are making it known that no matter what you choose to do, you can still do it and join the US Army Reserves.
This advertisement shows all three logos, pathos, and ethos. They use logos by showing the soldiers in a US Army uniform. Everyone wants to help...

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