Us Beef in Korea

Us Beef in Korea

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Main Issue
People don't trust the quality and safety of the US beef.

Those who sees the US beef negative.

Customers in korea has doubt about the quality which the US exports to korea. Many korean thinks that they will send us law quality beef compared to those which are distributed in America. So the US beef sellers should introduce the grades of the US beef which is used in America. And the main distribution in korean market must be the high graded beef. When selling in stores like E-mart or Lotte mart, there must be big stickers which shows the grade of the US beef.

In the long term us beef need to get the position of premium. But now its more important to sell many amounts and to get closer to many customers. We need the slogan of cheaper than the Hanwoo but more delicous. So the price must be lower than the hanwoo.

The U.S. beef must be supplied mainly to restaurants. Especially it would be good when the US beef are supplied to the restaurants which are famous to the people. And its also important supplying to stores like E-mart. We need to expose the US beef as much as possible and make people feel it familiar and weaken the negative feelings.

Changing customers thoughts is very important. It will be effective making advertisements for television which can touch the customers. And many promotions and events must be held in SNS like Facebook. To inform the customers that US beef is safe. Opening a US beef tasting party in the places where are many floating population could be effective. Opening restaurants using only high quality US beef is also a good way to change the customers thoughts.

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