Us History

Us History

#1. American life in the 1790’s
American Society
* only white male landowners can participate in politics
* no rights for women
* Native Americans can’t participate in politics because they’re not citizens
* most African-Americans are slaves on Southern plantations

Economic Conditions
* state and national government are in debt from the war

Political changes under the new Constitution
* Congress passes the Judiciary Act of 1789 to create a federal court system
* Bill of Rights added to the Constitution to guarantee civil liberties
* Washington uses a Cabinet of advisors to help him govern

#2. Alexander Hamilton’s Economic plan
* state debt assumption: national government will bail out the states by covering their debt
* protective tariffs to help manufacturers against British competitors
* whiskey tax
* national bank (Bank of the U.S.)

#3. The Two-party system forms due to disagreements between Jefferson and
* Alexander Hamilton wants the U.S. to become a nation of business and manufacturing
* Thomas Jefferson wants the U.S. to continue to be a rural society of independent farmers

Federalists | Democratic Republicans |
* Alexander Hamilton * Favor strong central government * Loose interpretation of the Constitution to give government more powers * Supported by Northern business * pro-British in foreign policy | *...

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