Us Requires More Airport Security

Us Requires More Airport Security

Airport security is an issue which has dominated this country's headlines the last few years. All this attention was brought about after the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers. Even so, the reason for all this attention has still not been remedied. This is partly due to the lack of initiative on the government's part. It is important that the United States turns around this pattern and improves security.

It is necessary that the government takes charge of security. It is un-reasonable to expect airports to take charge of security when they do not even have a complete list of terrorists. Only the government has the confidential data and resources necessary to fix the security problem. This will enable it to comprehensively remove terrorists from airports. The CIA has access to data which no one else has. This could be applied directly in airport security, instead of behind the scenes in counter-terrorism operations. Also, to simplify security the government could install biometrics into the airport security system. Biometrics is when biological properties are used to identify individuals. This would work extremely well, as there are already 1.1 billion face pictures of people in databases worldwide. Thus, starting a new biometric database would not require people to re-enroll themselves into a new security system. First, cameras would have to be installed in several key airport locations. Then, the cameras would scan the faces of all people in the airport and save the information into fifteen kilobyte files which would then be compared with database files. Biometrics presents an excellent chance for the government to remedy airport security once and for all.

Opponents to improving security state that it is a major hassle. They also state that it causes much time to be wasted for passengers at airports. However, the hassle caused by security could perhaps spare the United States from another terrorist attack.

Biometrics could be used as a first...

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