Usa Border Wall by Victor Mendez

Usa Border Wall by Victor Mendez

Victor A. Mendez
ENGL-1301-10_COMP I
17 June 2008

The River Was Not Enough?
“If they are not here yet, they will be soon” ( 1)
The Border Fence between United States of America and Mexico is a physical wall in process build by USA. Its objective is to prevent the entrance of illegal immigrants, especially Mexicans and Central Americans coming from the south side of the border of United States. The estimated “of the construction costs for the full 850 miles of border wall called for in the Secure Fence Act range from $4 billion to $46 billion” ( 1).

The construction begun in 1994 under the program illegal anti-immigration known as “Operation Gatekeeper” In fact the “border patrol has been erecting fences along the border south of San Diego since 1900” (2) Nowadays it is formed by several miles of extension in the border of Tijuana-San Diego. Some other tranches of wall exist in the states of Arizona, Nuevo Mexico and Texas.

Ambassador Garza says “Some people have compared the Border Wall with Berlin Wall. They say that this wall violates our human rights. “, “Berlin Wall was build with the purpose to trap people inside. Created by an oppressive and authoritarian government” ( 1). If we think about this in a different point of view the “only difference between Berlin Wall and our Border Fence is that we are not trying to trap people inside but protect the country from people that is trying to enter illegally to USA. However, the comparison of both of them is possible. In the border between Mexico and United States die people annually as much as in the whole time that Berlin Wall existed. In fact the amount of deaths is even higher here in our border” says Felipe Calderon president of Mexico (

The walls already started been built in areas of California and Arizona. According to a report commissioned by Congress, the border fence has not changed the number of immigrants who are in...

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