Usage of Computers in Education

Usage of Computers in Education

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Computers in Education

Usage of digital technology is incredibly widespread. The fact that parents, teachers, students and others already use computers and other technological devices means that they find it much easier to use these technologies in a school setting. Thousands of people, or even millions, can use the technology within a particular system or entity. So, by the time goes people using technology is increases. Computers can substitute for machines that once were stand-alone, single purpose devices. Some school districts, for example, now distribute instructional film and video through their local area network, obviating the need to store and distribute individual tapes. Pictures, videos and sound can be processed by computers in addition to texts, numbers and other symbols. On the other hand, computer users interact with digital technology; it is not a passive technology, as television is said to be. Students are able to receive instant feedback; for instance, from applets, simulations, tutorials or other software. Besides, The World Wide Web (www) provides access to vast amounts of information, in many forms such as pictures, sounds, videos… etc. , that was once far more difficult to obtain , if it was even possible back then. From historical documents and early Edison sound recordings, to the latest pictures from space, to latest medical information. In addition to those, computers are fast. Their speed and flexibility, many representations, such as drawings or pictures, can respond in special and easier way to the user dragging or clicking a mouse. One can zoom in on photos, rotate pictures to look at them from different perspectives, play with simulated planets of different sizes in different orbits and so on. These remarkable characteristics help students and teachers in education. But, there are arguments about that computers interfuse some disadvantages...

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