Use of Qualitative Methods in Assessing Pharmacological Treatment of Seniiors

Use of Qualitative Methods in Assessing Pharmacological Treatment of Seniiors

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Use of qualitative methods in assessing pharmacological treatment of seniors

Pharmacological treatmnet is considered among the most common type of therapy elderly people. In addition to the positive effects – cure acute illness, elimination or alleviation symptoms of diseases, also has its negative sides increased by senior age and the number of prescribed or purchuased medicines.
In assessing the treatment or the senior level of cooperation, we use a quantitative, but increasingly also qualitative methods.The use of qualitative methods in a sample of respondents is highlighted in this article.
The article represents the results of field research carried out in 2008 among seniors in the district Ružomberok a Nové Mesto nad Váhom, where we used the following methods –
sem-structured interview, observation and analysis of documentation.
The first two methods because of individual attitude to respondents helped us obtain objective information on current issues seniors when realizing rational pharmacotherapy and propose concrete measures to improve collaboration and treatment of seniors in the community and residential care.

Key words:
Qualitative methods, senior, home care, pharmacological treatment, residential settings

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