Useful Information on Mcdonald's

Useful Information on Mcdonald's

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Strategies being pursued by McDonalds in 2010:

McDonalds identify groups of customers by market segment, which is defined demographically for instance age, gender, and region. Each individual is offered specifically tailored products and a marketing mix programmed to suit. For example, big Mac is basically promoted for males and happy meal is directed at children. The marketing and promotion they use are like the Disney character.

To know whether their regular revision is reached, they constantly update their ongoing market strategies. To achieve their vision, they have to maintain the marketing mix by carrying out marketing strategies which is often know as the four Ps. They are product, price, promotion, and place. McDonalds have to be able to control these basic factors in order to facilitate a satisfying exchange.

The most common factor used in marketing is promotion. This method is used to volatile market that McDonalds operate in. McDonalds use celebrity endorsements for their ads. This method is an effective method to be used for teen generation, where the celebrity is to be the figure head, role model and instantly recognizable. Under the line promotion, usually consists of price and added value promotions that is used for tactical and short-term reason. The example of this would be discount cards for students or coupons.

McDonalds deal with the talk about its food that can harm people, promote obesity, heart disease, and has detrimental impact on the environment. However, Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald’s Corporation has stated that they should put something back into the communities in which they do business. Some of the ways are teaching the employees the importance of responsibilities, self discipline, and good work habits, as well as working with all kind of organizations.

In addition, McDonalds also take commitment in putting something back into the community that has...

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