A Shinobi Among Yokai – Chapter 20

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The explosion of yoki that Moka had created subsided. The moonlight illuminated her now silver hair, and her red, slitted eyes were all but glowing. The shirt she had on rode up her leg a little more, but not enough to reveal anything important. "Uzumaki." She said, pretty much ignoring everyone else.

Naruto smiled easily. "Care to join in?"

She glanced at the old woman with a judging look. "Why should I?" She brought her eyes back level with his. "She isn't going to be much of a problem."

Naruto opened his mouth, but closed it when he saw those plant monsters rising from the ground around the old hag. There was about as much as he'd first dealt with, but the amounts kept growing and growing until all he could see was a sea of them, snapping their jaws, ready for a feed.

He decided to finally answer. "Because you want to." He said. "You have as much of a thrill for a fight as I do. And there's the agreement we have, too."

She crossed her arms and closed her eyes. "Don't compare myself to you, Uzumaki." The plant monsters began to roar, and seconds later they bolted towards them. The ground rumbled from the sheer numbers. "It's degrading."

Naruto rolled his eyes. Some kunai popped into his hands and he handed them to Tsukune. He saw that Yukari had her witch hat on, wand ready in hand, and that Kurumu's wings were out and her nails had extended into a lethal weapon. "Try not to get eaten, yeah? It wouldn't be a very good story to tell people that you were devoured by plants."

The first ones reached them, and Moka reacted first. Her leg reared up and shot forward, destroying the monster's head and sending its body hurtling backwards at break neck speed, toppling over a nicely sized group of them.

As Moka began her own rampage and the others ran forward after her, Naruto summoned a round of his tri-pronged kunai. Letting all but one of them fly through the air,...

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