Uses and Abuses of Internet

Uses and Abuses of Internet

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Imagine a city without televisions, radios or Internet connections. All these media

facilities provide people awareness of what is going on around them. Electronic as well as

Print Media is an effective way of communication as it provides link between ordinary

persons and others in the world. Using internet we can read in the morning about the events

that took place on the other side of the world only the day before. Besides, Internet can

telecast live happenings from around my corner of the world. Internet is an invention that

extends across all areas including weather forecasts, entertainment, educational broadcasts,

business and important political and social events. Companies that want to sell their

products by advertising also make use of internet. Internet is very important in the fast

moving world, because without internet the society would be unaware of the local and foreign


Now, we come to the drawbacks of internet. Internet is the most unpredictable mean of

spreading knowledge among people. One gets biased and one-sided views through this media and

nobody can rely on truth. Internet was supposed to be used for gaining information from

throughout the world, but only a fraction uses it for information. Rests are being morally

devaluated through the improper and non-religious publishing. Internet is used for gaming

and movies which cause wastage of money and every amidst the young generation. If internet

can be used, it can be misused much easily by spreading views of one political party and

other rumours. Users should be careful and judicious in selecting the usage of internet so

that they may keep away from its harms.

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