Using Different Ways of Teaching and Strategies

Using Different Ways of Teaching and Strategies

Section1: My role, responsibilities and boundaries would be as a teacher:
Needs Analysis: what is the student needs, be able to give them support , might need to do an interview with, start with the basics.
Aims and objectives: why they are coming to do this course,what do they want to achieve, their goal.
Methods: using different ways of teaching and strategies.
Resources: Plan and prepare teaching, Differentiation.
Assesment: Assest students needs and provide a suitable, support and record keeping.
Evaluation Evaluate their work by doing a test, feedback, weekly reflection, questions and answers.
Section2 :Appropriate teaching comes in a safe and friendly environment,
competent, Activities, clear explanation,
Patience, respect& clear Aims and objectives.
Section4: how to deliver inclusive sessions that motivates learners:

Three elements of learning:Memory

Principles of teaching: Health and safety
Legislation, equal opportunities act
Code of conduct

Motivation: shows the learner’s motive of coming to this course
Some might be looking to learn the subject while others want to achieve a qualifications (Goal),and some want to do it as an activity.
Categories of motivation: Demotivation
use small groups of work feeling not relax in the class
Find their interest through icebreaker poor communication skills
Keep the pace Pace
Achievement No encouragement
Responsive teacher Lack of teacher knowledge
Structure Not enough examples
Good atmosphere...

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