Using Media to Advertise and Sell Products

Using Media to Advertise and Sell Products

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How Do The Advertises Use Media Techniques And Language To Sell Their Product?

Is product is about air travel and it suggests top quality/first class when it says upgrade to, stating that it is better then common airlines. But it doesn’t mention anything about flying or aircraft. I think this is a good idea because its not telling anyone to fly with them its states that if you go on holiday with them you will have a experience a holiday of a life time with them.

When I first look at this product I notice was the montage of pictures: Roman Ruins, statue, Typical Old Italian Car showing a more traditional Italy. I think the statues are speaking out to the more educated and artistic people. The background colour is unusual and goes well with the montage of picture. This product was advertised in November so it will stand out to the older generation because they are more likely to have interested in such a journey and the money to pay for it .

Then my eyes wear drawn to the headline You can get off the beaten track anywhere. Even Rome, this suggests getting away from it all. By this time I saw the text. The advertises used the words magnificent, overflowing charmingly ancient and Rome the relaxed. less grand, just as beautiful suggesting they will show you the more quiet and peaceful side of Rome but just as beautiful as the more common Rome, they use word sauntering instead of walking. When it say invest in it sounds expensive. I didn’t know that it was about airlines until i got to the bottom of the advertisement and it said upgrade to British Airways.

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