Using the Team Charter to Improve Performance.

Using the Team Charter to Improve Performance.

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Using The Team Charter To Improve Performance

Karen Callahan


July 12, 2010

Ivonne Bates

Taking online courses has it's challenges, especially when you are working with teams and collaborating on projects. Teams may consist of several members that have conflicting views on how a project should be completed, so sensitivity to each other's differences must be considered. Factors that can affect the outcome of a project may include the member's strengths/weaknesses, availability, time zones, and areas of interest. By completing a team charter you can help alleviate some of these issues and have a successful group dynamic.

Using The Team Charter To Improve Performance
The team charter will be very helpful in completing our group projects for this class. Not only do you get a "feel" for each student by their individual postings throughout the course on the discussion boards, but also an understanding of their strengths and weaknesses in working with a team. I also received a lot of information about each person from our team collaboration on personalities, which helps me understand our group dynamic.
In our team, it seems that Cynthia is the strongest of the group. She completed her undergrad online and is familiar with the structure. Her personality test showed that she is INTJ; skeptical, critical, and stubborn (in her words!). I think she will be good at keeping our group on a timeline, but may need to be flexible in areas where the rest of us have a more passive approach. I welcome her personality traits to keep us on track!
Tabitha stated that she is ENTJ; outgoing and argumentative. I think she will be a strong team member like Cynthia. But she also scored high on trust and being a good listener, so she has a great balance going for her.
Scott scored with a result of ISFJ; loyal, amicable, and willing to make sacrifices. He stated on the charter that he is a horrible editor. That is the honesty that the...

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