Usmc Importance of Doing the Right Thign

Usmc Importance of Doing the Right Thign

The 30th Commandant, General Carl E. Mundy,

Jr. wrote in a memorandum that “Marines are held to the

highest standard of personal conduct. The Nation expects that

from us. The personal and professional conduct, decency,

integrity and accountability of Marines must be beyond reproach. This is a non negotiable principle." What General Mundy was

Talking about are the Values that Marines have displayed for over 200 years in peace time and in combat. These values are Honor, Courage and Commitment. The values are a way of life for Marines. From the time they get off the bus and step on the yellow foot prints at boot camp they are being held to the highest standard.

What Marines bring with them when they enter the Corps is their own set of core values. Personal core values are instilled in Marines by their parents, families, religious beliefs, schools, peers, and other influences while growing up in life. These individual sets of values may be strong or they may be weak. Regardless of background every Marine should understand that being a Marine requires embracing and adhering to Marine Corps Core Values.

The 31st Commandant, General Charles C. Krulak once said that "Our challenge is to be a Corps of men and women who consistently represent the highest moral character in and out of uniform. Character creates a foundation of which successful military units are built. From this foundation, Honor, Courage and Commitment will always be evident, providing the perfect description of a United States Marine."

The three values might just be words to some, but to a Marine it is the way they live their everyday life. Honor isn’t just being honest or being loyal to something. Many things fall under the word honor such as Integrity, responsibility, honesty and tradition.

Integrity is to demonstrate the highest standards of consistent and adhere to right, legal and ethical conduct. Responsibility is personally accepting the consequences for your...

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