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Noun 1. The health, happiness, and fortunes of a person or group. 2. Statutory procedure or social effort designed to promote the basic physical and material well-being of people in need. |
Synonyms well-being - prosperity - weal - good |

The Green Party will implement policies to promote social welfare for all.
The Green Party knows that we are all interdependent and that many people need support at some stage in their lives. The basic aim is that all people should be able to lead an empowered and fulfilled life. We believe that every individual in society has an equal right to food, water, warmth and housing (see Responsibilities and Rights section).
Policies cover those areas currently addressed by social services departments - including children and families, older people, mental health, physical disabilities and learning disabilities.
Social services will undertake separate need assessments with the client and, where appropriate, their carers. People must have access to advocacy services and appropriate professional support if they need assistance in completing the process.
Social Welfare provision has often been inadequate, disempowering, discriminatory and ineffective. People in need, who receive a service, too often receive a minimal service, which may be the cheapest option available rather than the option that best promotes independence. The inadequate provision puts stress on both carers and those receiving the service.
To make life easier for people who need to access several types of service, the Green Party would work towards having a single budget covering health and social services.

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