Utopian World

Utopian World

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Tara Stockage

Mr. Robinson

English III

April 19, 2013

A Crimeless Society

My utopian society is fairly simple, a place in which there is no pain, no crime, no anger, and no corruption. Women and men would have equal writes and share opinions. Also I would try protecting my nation, governments, to help protect and uphold laws and to rebuild the economy. Every person would be perfect have a home, good education and health, and grow up in the safety of a caring family. In nature they would be no killing, food would be grown and starvation would never me a problem. Human beings struggle through life, with a dream of high standards, which they try to pursue, but cannot obtain. This form of hopefulness is called Utopia which the dictionary defines as: "having impossibly ideal conditions especially social organization; a place of ideal perfection in laws, government, and social conditions." Every person has their own idea of an ideal community of perfection, but one that I believe could be an ideal community would be life in the society A.C.S. A.C.S is also known as a crimeless society. This perfect world can be achieved through societal values, living conditions, and the limitations on governmental control.

In a large society, societal values are very important in that they create the moral values in which the human race bases all their decisions on. In a utopian society A.C.S, everyone would treat each other equally. There would be no human greed which in majority, cause most of all world suffering. Everyone would care for each other and there would be no titles among the people. The community would act as one family, helping each other out during difficult times, situations and problems among the community. This utopian society would be like a true family, know who everyone is, help each other out and teach them new ideas and concepts never heard of. This in effect would generate and give them all true moral values that...

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