Dana Cody
ENGL 2100 Assignment 3

Welcome to Cat City. This book depicts the day in the life of Bowser, Tosh, and

Charlie. Bowser the cat has to get to work, just like mom or dad. Tosh the cat has to get

ready for the day and catch the school bus. Ah, another day of first grade litter-ature to

read. Charlie the cat tools around town in her kitty convertible, which is the purrrr-fect

shade of green to match her eyes. Take a tour around Cat City; you may just want to stay

and play the day away.

Cat City would be full of bright colors: reds, greens, blues, yellows, and maybe a

little fuchsia thrown in for Charlie’s scarf she wears. She is the most fabulous cat in Cat

City. Bowser would be downtown working in the city. He is large, orange and white,

and always wears his signature red tie to work. Boy, oh boy, is that tie bright! It’s busy

in downtown Cat City. Tosh the cat is gray today as he is, well, everyday. Charlie is

gray and brown since she is the chicest cat in town. Their faces are round and warm.

Man, these cats never seem down.

Cat City would be an excellent book for children. The words and sentences

would be simple, making it easy for a child to pick up on the words and recognize them

throughout the book. These cats are warm and personable and seem to be just like you or

me. This would allow the cats to take on human qualities and let the child see him

or herself living in Cat City. Let their imaginations run wild. What would you eat for

dinner if you lived in Cat City? What would you do at recess in Cat City? Would your

mom or dad drive a minivan in Cat City? The possibilities are endless in Cat City.