Valedictory Speech

Valedictory Speech

Ana Bernadete
Valedictory Speech
Macau Sam Yuk Middle School
English Section
Year of Graduation:2007-2008

Honorable school administrators, respected teachers and parents, honorable guests and my dear fellow graduates and well wishers. First of all, I, on behalf of all the graduating classes of 2007, would like to greet you a very good and joyful morning. For several months now, we have been eagerly looking forward to this remarkable day. And of course not only were we looking forward we were diligently preparing to be qualified for this auspicious occasion. And at this moment of joy, I take the privilege to congratulate all the successful graduates who had worked hard faithfully day and night to be a part of this graduating team.

There were times when we weren’t very good in class, but dear teachers, your kindness, patience and understanding had made such a big difference in our lives. We will always cherish all the good things you have done and the knowledge that you have imparted to us. Beloved teachers, we love you and thank you for all your tireless effort in shaping and molding us. If it weren’t for your tireless effort we wouldn’t be what we are today. I know and believe that the success of the student is the success of the teachers and we salute and congratulate you at this moment of your great success. I would want to take this opportunity to thank our parents for all the things they have done and given us. For all the sacrifices, love and patience, and for believing in what we can do. I would also want to thank my mum for always being there for me through good and bad times. She has taught me well. One thing she taught me is respect others which most young people tend to forget. I will always thank her in each and every single way. I love you mum.

Graduation is a time to look fondly upon memories that have been made and shared through the years. As you all should know, many of us have been together for a decade or more now. We all have...

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