Value Based Education

Value Based Education

Value Based Education

Value based education is an organized effort so as to secure the fullest possible development

of body, mind and heart. It is constructive channelization of life energy that contributes to the

growth of both external and internal personality. Values are integral to the process of

education. They are not add–ons; instead they provide sufficient training of mental faculties

through spiritually rich environment to lead a balanced, peaceful and spiritually awakened

life. Therefore, value based education is a powerful tool to unfold and nurture the ideals of

life. Our basic aims of education are development of personality, preservation of culture and

training of character. Education opens our mind but value based education gives purity of

heart. Education teaches us skills but value based education teaches us sincerity. Education

makes our life better but value based education makes society a better place to live in. Today

value based education is highly needed in our modern society because quantity of education

has gone high but quality has declined. Today many institutions are open and high degrees

are available but production of truly dignified, sincere and socially responsible leaders are

less. Many books are written, high level research is done many professional achievements are

attained but still humanity is under threat. The root cause of all these problems is that

education today has become a saleable commodity. What is being valued in the present world

is that how well an institution prepares its students to compete for success in the market

economy. Today, education has become a consumer good available in the market as material

commodity with profit motives which has promoted unhealthy competition. This unhealthy


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