Value Chain Analysis of Fast Food in India

Value Chain Analysis of Fast Food in India

Table of Contents

1. Introduction 2
2. Methodology 2
2.1 Survey Methodology 2
3. Identifying Key Competing Factors 3
4. Analysing the Industry Value Curve 3
5. Creation of a new Value Curve 6
5.1 Factors that could be reduced 6
5.2 Factors that could be raised 7
5.3 Factors that could be eliminated 7
5.4 Scope for innovation in offering 7
6. Business Proposition for the new Value Curve 7


Fast food industry has become an emerging industry not only in developed countries but even in developing countries like India. It is currently growing at a high rate of approximately 40% Y-o-Y in the developing countries where it is radically changing the way people eat. The reason for such high growth rate is attributed to its chief characteristics of being cheap, easy to prepare and to heavy promotion. This project aims to analyse the value chain of such business models through an industry curve.


To analyse the value chain of the fast food industry, we chose the market leaders in this segment in India, viz. McDonalds, KFC, Dominos, Pizza Hut and Subways.

1 Survey Methodology

The data was collected by individually interviewing the customers visiting these joints. We visited the following food joints in Kolkata:


The manager of Subway was kind enough to allow us to interview the customers inside the premises and helped us in collecting the data by serving the questionnaire to the customers. We were lucky enough to meet Mr. Nopani, CEO Indus Valley Restaurant who gave us gainful insights of the nuances of food industry in India.


McDonalds is located at Park Street, one of the prime locations of Kolkata, experiencing high number of footfalls day in and day out. We were not allowed to conduct the survey inside the outlet owing to the regulations at McDonalds. However, we conducted the survey with customers coming out of the outlet to get a first hand experience. The location also...

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