Value of Internships

Value of Internships

Jeevan Gyawali
February 4, 2009


Internships is all about the scary part of the future for the students who wish to work as professionals. Really? It’s for sure that the internships are for developing sense of professionalism in students; however, it may not be necessarily frightening. Though some people may consider that internships are just waste of time and resources for students and a program created by the industries or other institutions to avoid labour costs and search for their employees, it is certainly beneficial for the students if planned as per academic and personal needs. The effectiveness of the program is dealt under social, economical, educations and time utility factors separately hereunder.

Interning has a great social and networking values is the students are well aware of the place and people they are working beforehand. It helps students learn and improve certain social skills like communication, network building, leadership, handling responsibility and hence develop professionalism and experience. Similarly, Internship programs at an international or regional level also do have a great value. These can create opportunity for a student to go out of home and learn to adjust in a different society. If the person who is doing the internship wants to do international business, this can be a crucial moment for their career before it has even officially started. An international internship can be the step that propels them into success or keeps them from it. Apart from these, internships also help students become viable, experienced job applicants when seeking employment after graduation. However, internships have no value if the students are humiliated and bullied in their working places. Most of the students doing internships have problems of adjusting with the workers of the office as they are considered to be incapable and then are screwed up. In addition, Doing internships abroad also have...

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