Value of teams

Value of teams

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The Value of Teams
Working in groups can be a challenging task.  I've experienced working in groups as a student and have had mostly good experiences.  It is common to go through all stages, forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning. At first,  when I started taking online courses,  I focused on the forming stage a lot.  Mostly, was worried about making a good impression and not coming across as too tough, holding back on my leadership skills (performing).  Later on, I wasn't too concerned about that, probably because my focus was making about going through the first three phases in order be able to achieve the main goal (adjourning). There are conflicts that may arise, and honestly, as a member of the group, often the leader, I just made a decision in picking up other people’s part. They are team members that slack and others just drop out of the course. I do however make sure the professor is aware of who did what (team evaluations). Ultimately, the assignment needs to get completed so you do what you have to do to overcome the conflicts and complete the assignment on time.   

Working in groups has its challenges too but I find them easier to overcome. You go through the phases too, who’s the leader, who’s doing what, schedule conflicts, etc. I find it easier because these are people that I have known for awhile, I know their personalities, and most importantly they know me and my expectations. You can see that they are busy and not just assuming team members are slacking and waiting until the last minute like it can happen online. The same mindset helps, overcoming the obstacles as fast as possible with a positive attitude in order to achieve main goal.

In what kind of teams have you participated?
I have only worked in a few teams along with the teams in the Bachelor’s degree here at University of Phoenix. In high school, middle school, and elementary we did not do many assignments within a group setting, but I danced for...

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